Specialist Services

We know that specialist decorating is a very important part of interior design and really makes a property stand out from the crowd.

As a south west based painting and decorating company we have worked on many specialist projects, big and small, involving commercial decoration, office refurbishment as well as residential. 

Our specialist decorating art projects range in styles from classical periods, renaissance, art deco and nouveau to murals and mosaics from historical periods such as ancient Rome and Egypt.

Customers can also request more modern designs from our specialist decorating company for murals, from expressionist artists in the 20th Century right up to more recent styles.

Specialist paint effects can bring a natural element to your decorating project, and create a wide range of possibilities for a creative result.

We are well equipped for dealing with specialist paint effects in the south west including:

    • Antiquing
    • Marble effect
    • Wood effect such as grain and worn wood
    • Gradients and washes
    • Spatter effect/spattering
    • Lime waxing
    • Antique clouding effect
    • Gold leafing
    • colour washing
    • de-stressing effects